ISI Has LUMS Balochistan Panel Cancelled

A case study in how the security state suppresses open discussion of issues. This is a Pakistani story about an educational insitution, but it happens more often than one would assume both in the Third World and beyond; as well as in the media, educational institutions, and elsewhere.


  1. To put it simply:
  2. Here's what happened next:
  3. Here's how it went down (Ali Khan is the Head of Social Sciences at LUMS):
  4. ...and here's the email from the administration saying clearly why they cancelled the talk:
  5. Here's a statement from faculty and students:
  6. And a press release related to the event:
  7. There are reports of individuals being contacted to remove postings they have made in this regard on social media. I will try to put reports of that here as the individuals choose to make things public. In one case, the text of the status was:
  8. "Un-Silencing Balochistan" at LUMS that brought together academics and activists to talk about the situation has been SILENCED by the DG-ISI. A delegation representing the latter met with our head of department and showed him a letter from the DG saying that the event has been "cancelled".
  9. Here's a petition addressed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan:
  10. ... @beenasarwar explains further:
  11. Here the Express Tribune (Karachi based newspaper) puts it "on the record":
  12. ...Pakistan Today's Report:
  13. Here's a reminder on why this is important, whichever side of each issue you fall on: