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A Canadian University is Teaching Anti-Vax "Science"

A Prof at @QueensU has been teaching Health 102 - Physical Determinants of Health- and preaching against vaccinations.


  1. Melody Torcolacci is a #QueensU prof with an MA in Sports Sociology who teaches 1st year health. And for the past few years, she's been teaching that vaccines are connected to AIDS/Autism/etc.
  2. It started when @LifeBetterGreen tweeted his rage about how this was *still* happening.
  3. The Prof has been flagged to the School of Kinesiology & Health Studies in the past, but institutional response was... not very reactive.
  4. It's a first year, introductory class. Many thanks to the student who provided these slides.
  5. All the material in the links are "GOING TO BE ON THE TEST!!!!!"
  6. Without vaccines, the Prof encourages students to arm themselves against communicable disease with garlic.