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i-Docs 2014: Thursday 20

A two-day event dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary will focus on these pressing themes; Production Models, Engagement & Evaluation and New Territories. For more information about i-Docs, visit our main site at


  1. Our i-Docs experiences also got people talking
  2. Case Study: Ramona Pringle (Cinema 1)
  3. We've moved into a hybrid reality - the digital isn't in one place and the real in another, they are intertwined. So how do you convey this in an interactive experience.

    The importance of the r&d process when creating something like this  - what you originally conceive May grow into something quite different - this project wasn't even originally going to be on an iPad...

    The interesting evolution from and interactive project to a linear cut. 

    Unexpected results from creation: avatar secrets is breaking into literary circles.

    iPads allow the user to become more immersed rather than online experiences which have the distractions of things like email and twitter. 
  4. Avatar Secrets Trailer - A Documentary Film for the iPad
  5. Liz Miller: Where is the activism in a committed i-Doc? (Cinema 2)
  6. Transactivism - crossing media platform to create effective social change. 
  7. Transactivism: Lina Srivastava at TEDxTransmedia2011
  8. Impact and docugames (Cinema 3)