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The Reputation Workshop

"On February 22nd through the 24th 2012, fifty world leaders in reputation modeling, distributed systems, identity, language, and economics gathered at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California, to think through the challenges of designing a global annotation platform."


  1. The day before and morning of ...
  2. The workshop website, attendee list, and agenda.  We'd like to thank the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for their generous support that made it all possible.
  3. The distinguished guests gather in the Golden Gate room at the Fort Mason center in San Francisco, California. founder Dan Whaley speaks to the task at hand: how should we build a peer-review layer for the whole web?
  4. Day One of the conference was loaded with informative, thought-provoking presentations by experts from the academic and commercial worlds. Jeff Atwood, Cofounder of StackOverflow, was first up to share his experience and insight into the dynamics of reputation system. 
  5. Jeff Atwood, Cofounder of Stackoverflow at the Reputation Workshop
  6. The general manager of Reddit, Erik Martin, stopped by to share hard lessons they've learned about online communities.  
  7. Erik Martin, GM of Reddit at the Reputation Workshop