Will Petone still be a village come? How much change?

The changing face of Petone, locals like to call it a village, but many developments are afoot that could see a different look to Petone in the coming years.Just some of the changes planned below.Is this the march of a progressive community? Are we looking at a Parnell lookalike? or is the rush to develop Petone going to change its character forever?


  1. Odlins Hall demolished for Apartments
  2. Makes very interesting reading given the commercial activity in Petone
  3. New development planned on Petone waterfront: is this the Quest hotel that was planned for behind Murphys 18 months ago.
  4. The opening of Countdown in Petone brought some interesting tweets
  5. Apartment development stymies Pub Atmosphere Seems even the new locals are fighting future developments, as the clash between living and working in Petone runs into court.
  6. Residential Development off Jackson Street
  7. Large Green area bordered by Cuba Street & Kensington Ave for development
  8. Lack of commuter parking a huge issue at Petone Railway Station
  9. Hutt News Editor agrees with Plan Change 9 for Petone.People have 4 weeks to make a submission. Will the new development change Jackson Street retail?