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Tom Osborne Announces Plans to Step Down

Fans react to Athletic Director Tom Osborne's Announcement to step down on January 1st, 2013.


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  2. A great legend! You will be missed, but enjoy your retirement and catch some fish!
  3. Comments he made to me: "Thanks for coming in, twice." getting an autograph at two different sites, on the same day, where he signed hundreds. "Good luck with Matt", at the same time as the previous comment, and seeing me in a line a few months later for an autograph on one of his books, came over and shook my hand and asked "How have you been?" and lastly two years later, in St. Louis, he was getting on a flight from St Louis to Omaha and asked me how I was. So this man has a great memory and concern for people. We had a small, yet nice conversation on that flight. Thank You.
  4. The state of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska will truely miss you. You have done so many great things for the Nebraska community. You emplaced the tradition we still see today, the morals and values that gave the fans and university a good name. You had so many contributions that makes Nebraska well Nebraska. Going to miss you Tom Osborne.
  5. 1993. That was the year a seventh grade kid moved to Nebraska and learned what it meant to be a husker. When you move a lot when you're young it's tough to feel like you're a part of anything. But ever since those two years in Nebraska, I've always been a part of the Husker nation. Thanks coach. Thanks for making a fan for life. Thanks, for giving a kid something to hold on to. Go Big Red!
  6. Dr. Tom has represented his beloved Nebraska with honor and dignity, and is richly deserving of a pleasurable retirement. Thank you, Dr. Tom, the example you have shown the Husker Nation will shine like a great beacon for generations to come. Godspeed.