1. One of the first things I noticed when we arrived in Moscow, Russia was all the people. Moscow is a bustling city with a population of over 11 million compared to the largest city in the United States which is New York City, with 8 million residents. Like the streets of New York City, Moscow's streets are full of traffic. I can't imagine driving in a city like Moscow or New York.

  2. Like most other large cities in Europe, the metro in Moscow is practical and affordable. Single ride tickets cost 28 rubles, or just a little over 1 U.S. dollar. The metro is the main public transportation system in Moscow - with 9 million passengers on weekdays.

  3. My personal favorite way to get around Moscow is walking. It provides the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, get exercise, mingle with the locals, and see things that you would otherwise miss if you took the metro.
  4. Here is a Moscow State University student's view of Moscow transportation.
  5. Russia Interview - Transportation
  6. Moscow is exactly what I expected it to be. Before arriving, I expected it to be very similar to other large European cities, and it is. To me, the architecture, culture, fashion, forms of transportation, etc. are all very similar to cities such as Paris, Munich, and Vienna. I love Moscow and hope to someday be able to visit again.