Dan Isaza

Stanford Data Nerd | Board: Stanford @KairosSociety | Stanford Startup Liaison | CoFounder @NeoReach

Jose Nuzzel

Test Account

Louis Liii

SCG Web Writer SEO

Translator, copyeditor, writer, webdesigner, online marketer, press release distributor, teacher, professor, husband-father, Christian, https://t.co/pESbboos66


Competitive Intelligence on mobile apps for SMEs, Startups, and Game Studios. Trusted by over 750 of the world's leading app publishers: http://t.co/ajQCh6Fg7T

Sigma sei

Management,Economics, Innovation, Quality, H&S. Connecting dots, some in the future. Fintech with @dealitaly

Sarah Bradley

Senior Account Manager @PunchComms Understand social media, strategy & content, don't understand cheesecake. Welsh. A bit nerdy.


Being Happy! The best way to predict the future is to invent it!信仰秤己斤兩, 發掘美好與潛能,追求認識自已!堅信社群媒體、網路與數據,讓生產力的定義改變,讓產學相連變成再自然不過地正常狀態。

I Believe In Africa

For me contributing to a bright future for my home continent is just about the sweetest reward I can earn. Organizations I follow: @WorldBank @UNICEF, etc.

Adam Fields

Chief Architect for http://t.co/Rp1oV5CULs. This is my personal account. Ask me how to fix stuff. See more: http://t.co/xW9coGH8sG Sometime marshmallow mailer.

James Tushingham


Dollars Hunters

Ryan Popa

Entrepreneur, Founder http://t.co/brun2g8D53, HackStar, Software Engineer, love reading and sharing smart or interesting things

Cara Harshman

I tell stories and manage the @Optimizely blog. Speaking Yorùbá and Spanish. Generally in love with life.