Mike Coon

#BlackLivesMatter I re-tweet sensible, interesting, and important but avoid flames and trolls. Also, I am an IT guy.

map and share yoùr world

John A. Stewart

I'm a @SoftwareAG corporate story-teller. Love sports (Rugby & Hockey); Co-created 3 wonderful boys. A Brit turned Yank living in the US.

Jason R.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete - Buckminster Fuller

Qamar Mahmood 🚀📈

Digital Marketing Specialist #SEO #SEM #SMO #ASO #Branding Usually i Tweets About #Marketing & #Branding.

@OutSystemsDev Developer Relations & Community #LowCode #Inclusivity #SmartCities #IoT #Sustainability #Minimalism Anything is possible don't think limits

Casey Camilleri

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager @Voceracomm. Lover of #Marketing #SEO #SEM #Travel #SFGiants #Reading

Mario grigorescu

I'm a Internet Marketing Consultant specialized in Responsive Web Design, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Web Project Management. I start to work in 2010 as a hobby promoting small businesess & events in my city, helping individuals and companies write web page content, resumes, bios and emails. Today, I am an internet marketing consultant serving small to medium-sized businesses around the globe. I share tips and tricks about online marketing and provide inspiration through the content that I share and create. You can Hire Me as Your Personal Web Project Manager to Grow Your Business Online. Contact me right now for a FREE CONSULTATION!

making magic

Chirag Jain

Frontend Engineer @Directi - @flockchat, Casual Cook, Curious, Professional Procrastinator chirgjn[at]gmail[dot]com

Jim Greer

I started a site called @Kongregate and a SuperPAC called @CounterPAC. I have a wife, two kids, and a cargo bike.

Ravi Mruthyunjaya

product manager, google, zynga, yahoo!

Stacy Fields

I am Stacy Fields, bleh bleh bleh. #marketing #adtech #seo #ppc #startup #agency #advertising #digitalmarketing

Taylor Pearson

Author of Creator and collector of mental models at Infovore. Aspiring Raconteur.