I always had a desire to help people,one day as I passed by the pantry god brought it to me some people have trouble deciding between buying food or medicine.

Sathya Pandalai

Dad, Husband | Analytics, BI, Cloud, Technology Policy | Liverpool FC | My views | Multilingual

Yolanda Enoch

DIY Tech Evangelist ● HR for Startups ● Knitter-in-training ● Hopelessly-optimistic Atlanta Falcons & Hawks fan ● Perpetual binge-watcher #NotTheStandout

Casey Newton

Silicon Valley editor @verge. Freakishly tall, anime hair. My Starbucks name is Tasty. (DMs open. Pitches are ignored. Email me instead!)

Rudra Banerji

Short filmmaker, Sr. Producer @jellyvisionLab/@jellyvisionAlex. Let's make stuff.


The Legacy Corp, The Company is a example of a legacy of Difference. #LegacyD

______ Dream - Believe - Achieve ______ Live, work and connect with other entrepreneurs, creatives and digital nomads.

Sergey Vershinin

Data nerd, analytics entrepreneur. Former pollster and security policy wonk. Also tweet about politics, aerospace, tech news, and other randoms.

Dan Isaza

Stanford Data Nerd | Board: Stanford @KairosSociety | Stanford Startup Liaison | CoFounder @NeoReach

Jose Nuzzel

Test Account

Louis Liii

SCG Web Writer SEO

Translator, copyeditor, writer, webdesigner, online marketer, press release distributor, teacher, professor, husband-father, Christian,


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Sigma sei

Management,Economics, Innovation, Quality, H&S. Connecting dots, some in the future. Fintech with @dealitaly

Sarah Bradley

Senior Account Manager @PunchComms Understand social media, strategy & content, don't understand cheesecake. Welsh. A bit nerdy.