Bosoncea Constantin

Richard Santos

I help small business owners to get an effective web presence and use the power of social media to promote their business websites.

Roberto Echeverría C

| Director of Digital Communications | Institución Internacional SEK.

Ofir Nachmani

Cloud, Startups, Tech, Knowledge, Social, Beer, Love, 2 Boys, Wife, Books, Nature. Evangelist; CEO, Founder, Blogger, Lecturer, Journalist, Adviser;etc.


conf guy; investing via SK Ventures; planning to fund skynet's seed round.

Bogdan Duman

Ryan Bates

Social media marketer; technologist; entrepreneur; photographer;

BBC Pop Up

BBC's new mobile bureau. We are journalists who relocate to a new US town each month. You give us local story ideas. We create videos based on your suggestions.


Tech, Art and Total Darkness

Nicolle Weeks

Likes: lighthearted apocalypse films and really dark romcoms. Producer at @CBCMusic. Formerly Managing Editor of @4Music in jolly old England.

Startup Hive

Startup Incubator & Accelerator founded by Stephen G. Barr.

Victor Melgarejo Z

Alegre, me gusta reír, foodie y apoyar el emprender! Director de @incubadora_mty |

Bosky Optics

Alternative Goggles, Sunglasses and Apparel

Sebastian Franco

SCRUM Product Owner PSPO • Digital Marketing Project Manager - LinkedIn :