Lee Baker

Seldon Commercial/Founder The First Space


I always had a desire to help people,one day as I passed by the pantry god brought it to me some people have trouble deciding between buying food or medicine.

Sathya Pandalai

Dad, Husband | Analytics, BI, Cloud, Technology Policy | Liverpool FC | My views | Multilingual

Yolanda Enoch

I like helping others discover + find their dream job ● Digital organizing stan ● Glutton for punishment (ATL Falcons & Hawks) ● Perpetual binge-watcher

Casey Newton

Silicon Valley editor @verge. Freakishly tall, anime hair. My Starbucks name is Tasty. (DMs open. Pitches are ignored. Email me instead!)

Rudra Banerji

Short filmmaker, Sr. Producer @jellyvisionLab/@jellyvisionAlex. Let's make stuff. https://t.co/jKxVtOLoTS


The Legacy Corp, The Company is a example of a legacy of Difference. #LegacyD


Live, work and play with like-minded people.

Sergey Vershinin

Data nerd, analytics entrepreneur. Former pollster and security policy wonk. Also tweet about politics, aerospace, tech news, and other randoms.

Dan Isaza

Stanford Data Nerd | Board: Stanford @KairosSociety | Stanford Startup Liaison | CoFounder @NeoReach

Jose Nuzzel

Test Account

Louis Liii

SCG Web Writer SEO

Translator, copyeditor, writer, webdesigner, online marketer, press release distributor, teacher, professor, husband-father, Christian, https://t.co/pESbboos66


Competitive Intelligence on mobile apps for SMEs, Startups, and Game Studios. Trusted by over 750 of the world's leading app publishers: http://t.co/ajQCh6Fg7T

Sigma sei

Management,Economics, Innovation, Quality, H&S. Connecting dots, some in the future. Fintech with @dealitaly