My Friday Afternoon At #TCR Siege

On Friday, 27 April 2012 Huffington Post UK staff were told to evacuate their offices as a man was threatening to kill people. Here's my version of what happened in the following hours...


  1. As we were moved away from Shropshire House I started filming on my iPhone and tweeting.
  2. Tottenham Court Road Siege
  3. My Twitter account was soon jammed with retweets and requests for more information. I'd been lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I started taking pictures and publishing them on Twitter.
  4. And here's the video to prove it...
  5. The Huffington Post UK's Dina Rickman was working from home so she was able to upload all the videos which made a huge impact. The one above had 32,500 views on YouTube. The biggest break through was finding the woman, Abby, who was the target of the attack. She told us exactly what happened and we were able to inform everyone of what was happening. Here's the full, unedited interview with her.
  6. Tottenham Court Road Siege - Full unedited interview
  7. This video went viral and had 200,000 hits. The BBC, Sky News, Daily Mail, Telegraph and endless others were given it for free. By this stage, and because of this interview, our tweets were the authority on the story and were were well ahead of other news networks. We kept contact with Abby and she provided us with the most accurate information which I tweeted
  8. After a few hours the siege ended. Nobody was hurt and the suspect had been arrested. Social media won. What a day!