Hugo and Minky gotcha day time #xmas

some tweets collected


  1. Hugo 2 years #foreverhome
  2. 7th December 2015 .. 2 years ago i was finally adopted by my Hugodad
  3. the last pics from our shelter 6th December 2015
  4. then the 7th December 2013 .. i even loved the transport box .. my first action in my new home: have a nom and then start #jellybelly friday training on the warm (heated) ground.
  5. (i don´t know, if i found all these tweets, lemme know about missing, can still add them)
  6. af ter these tweets, a lot of friends started to send greeting, so let us collect some as a memory
  7. the second gotcha day in our house:
  8. Lady Minky was adopted long agoon the 17th Dec 2004 from the same shelter.