Playful 2011

Playful is a one-day event all about games and play -- in all their manifestations, throughout the contemporary media landscape. It's a conference for architects, artists, designers, developers, geeks, gurus, gamers, tinkerers, thinkerers, bloggers, joggers, and philosophers.


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    CHIEF WONKA ™ · living and breathing mobile as the self proclaimed King of Succailure™. mills™ has created apps which have sold globally in their hundreds. He often and openly talks about the ups and downs of running a 90 person, cash positive, non-venture funded, playful, idea generating Mothership. 


    Paul is an Information Architect at the BBC, having wanted to work there since he and his brother started watching repeats of a certain popular science-fiction/family drama programme on UK Gold in the mid-nineties.

    Having served an apprenticeship with Siemens, working on iPlayer in the year before it launched, he joined the BBC in late 2008, working on In April 2010 he moved to work on the BBC's Learning and Knowledge portfolio.

    Having been introduced to the ideas of the Semantic Web and Linked Data by the clever people on the /programmes team, Paul asked the obvious question - well, how can I apply that to Doctor Who?

    Since that day in 2008, he's widened the scope to investigate all kinds of drama, entertainment, documentaries, news and sport, and see how the principles of the Web can be applied in a way that's accessible, entertaining and useful for everyone. In doing so, he's been involved in various prototypes such as the Mythology Engine.

    He's made it his mission to make websites which aren't just an add-on to a TV or radio programme, but instead attempt to fully represent the world within them, and in general to use the Web as a medium in its' own right.

    Paul will be speaking about Linked Data, Mario, MMORPGs, and how we can make it all a bit more fun - with a probable pit-stop in the depths of time and space.


    Georgina Voss researches, teaches and writes about the social side of technology practices. Her research interests include legitimacy and reputation; user-led design and innovation; business and technological ethics; and sexuality and gender. 

    Georgina will shortly be joining the Faculty of Arts at Brighton University as a Research Fellow. She was previously the Research Manager at Tinker London, where she oversaw the 'Homesense' project on domestic user-led design, and she has conducted research on Silicon Roundabout and technology meet-ups for WIRED UK magazine. Georgina currently teaches innovation and technology ethics at Sussex University, and is an Honorary Research Associate at the Science and Technology Studies department, University College London.

    Georgina will be talking about risks, ethics and informed consent in play.

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  6. Don't follow the money, follow the smile. Toy makers who made blockbuster toys didn't follow the pack (money). Instead they followed new paths that had yet to demonstrate their financial worth. They ssatisfied emotional needs that other toymakers ignored. They found ways to produce smiles others had missed.

    Emil Ovemar is co-founder and producer of Swedish play studio Toca Boca. Toca Boca makes digital toys for kids on touchscreens. Emil has a background in interaction design and was previously the UX Director at publisher Bonnier's R&D group. He together with his team tries to create new ways of playing with these devices, not looking at games but instead toys and the ways children play in the real world. So far a digital tea party, hair salon and store have been produced among other things. He will talk about digital play, digital toys and the thoughts behind the Toca Boca apps.