Interactive Narratives: Creating the Future of Literature


  1. Literature need no longer be defined and confined by the objects that contain it—books and magazines and pages. New Media technologies like Augmented Reality, Transmedia Storytelling, and Interactive Stories offer new ways for narratives to be created and experienced. How can writers and developers work together to create new forms of literature? Experts from each discipline who are committed to this vision will talk about examples of this type of work and discuss the opportunities in the emerging field. The experts are:
  2. The panel take the story of the Three Little Pigs and ask how can they develop this story digitally. The story, the text and the images were the assets that thy each took to work with. They discovered 3 things

    A interactive narrative has:

    1. An authored core story - This can be a full book to just a page or picture

    2. A social narrative  - lives of character expand into social space where audience can learn more

    3. Integrates and encourages audience participation - plot moves outside of the core story to and uses social dialogue to engage the audience with the story and its outcome

    A dynamic story that allows for personal engagement and narrows the gap between the writer and reader.
  3. Children's : International Book Sales, Inc. & Brian DiMambro Rare ...
    Children's : International Book Sales, Inc. & Brian DiMambro Rare ...
  4. Taking the golden goose book what are the assets?
    The cover, the tittle, the words, the pictures, whole page pictures and pictures that share space with text.

    Revising the Story Assets

    1. Assessing the assets - what can you do with the assets. Picture size/orientation. Add Audio.

    2. Visual Layout - Text boxes, outside the  box text etc.

  5. As an alternative narrative platform social media can Enrich, Extend and Engage.

    Using Facebook they created 3 Facebook pages for each of the pigs and created dialogue around their personalities. The wolf 'Likes' heavy metal music'

    Using blogs enables us access to the internal dialogue which normally ends up on the cutting room floor.

    Using Twitter the pigs communicate with each other.

    The benefit of using social media in story telling creates an emotional connection, builds community and allows co-authorship.

    In marketing terms it creates story awareness, allows content syndication, improves SEO, and creates multiple entry points for audience engagements.
  6. When thinking about platforms think about the following:

    1. Understand your audience and how they consume content
    2. Design a level of reader participation
    3. Identify best platforms for the characters
    4. Build natural entry points
    5. Make best use of all the platforms features
    6. Write for all levels of engagement - passive consumer though to die hard fans

    Leave the door open
    Good stories work both with or without interactivity. Build on what you know and structure for enthusiasm.