Lean Startup: From the boardroom to the Whitehouse

Macon Phillips (Director of Digital Strategy, US White House), Todd Park (CTO, Department of Health & Human Services), and Scott Cook (CEO, Intuit) on how Silicon Valley is inspiring the government and enterprise sectors.


  1. Health Data Initiative

    Turn HHS into the NOAA of health data (NOAA takes weather data and makes it public). Start with MVP that is community data. Make that easy to find and use. WE did this with a group of 4 customers to teach us what this data would be (health people and developers).

    Gave them 90 days to show up at an event and debut their apps build using the data made available with a promise that 'We'll make you famous'.  The government spent nothing doing this. When the sceptical data owners saw what was done they got very excited and wanted to liberate the data they were sat upon. 
  2. Food deserts are large areas in america that don't have access to quality healthy foods. Food oasis is a mobile app that utilises food data to let people know where they can find healthy food quickly.
  3. Datapolooza was so popular we had to do an american idol style code off to pick who could attend. 
  4. Whitehouse Social Media Strategy

    AMplify - Impressions/ Reach
    Open - Qualitative Feedback
    Engage - Participation, outcomes

    SM team divided into 4 groups...
    Content team (blog/video
    Engagement (interactive petitions ,emails
    Outreach - off site, social
    Platforms - 
  5. The MVP of MyHealthcare was helping people find insurance.