Can Printed Electronics Save the Music Industry?


  1. We’re going to debate and show prototypes of how printed electronics could save digital music in the context of connecting communities to record labels and artists.

    Printed Electronics is an emerging technology with the potential to change how we interact. We can now reliably print basic electronic components onto paper and card; and when connected to conventional electronics, has the potential to re-connect digital to physical for album covers, fanzines, merchandise, and getting new music heard.

    We will bring physical prototypes as props in a discussion of what this technology could do and collaborate with the audience to test reaction and potential through hands in thinking.

    Raising questions of what does digital mean to independent hyper-local record labels that want to connect with their community and how bespoke digital printed electronics on paper could achieve this and alter the future of digital music and how artists can connect to people.

  2. Like the printing press, the revoloution in electronics has changed the world. It's becoming low cost and ubiquitous. Combining electronics with print can be done in any city in the world. 
  3. Make Your Own Printed Circuit Boards on a Laserjet!
  4. The physical experience of music is still importtant to many. Unravel is an installation that merges physical and digital ideas around engaging with music. Combining both worlds creates really interesting result. 
  5. A playble chocolate 7 inch record
  6. Phyical apps = objects that connect to the internet without having to use traditional interfaces such as 'the mouse'. Sweet tweet notifies a record label when they get a new follower and sends a video to the new follower.
  7. The printed poster allowed people to listen to bands on a gig poster