Libya battle for Tripoli: A view from the ground

Some tweets, videos and photos from journalists in the UK and Libya publishing content about the situation today (Monday 22 August) - many trapped inside the Rixos hotel. *This storify will not be updated after publishing*

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  1. As rebel forces encroach on the Libya capital Tripoli - journalists embedded with troops have been able to give short snapshots of the action on the go. While the Guardian live blogs developments as they unfold, Sky's Alex Crawford has also been credited for her brave reporting and the team's on the ground live updates.

  2. But the majority of reporters and photographers have been trapped in the Rixos hotel in Tripoli - unable to get outside to join the action.

  3. Meanwhile in London Libya pro-rebel supporters have been celebrating outside the embassy.
  4. While other journalists are still sending updates from across the country.