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A look back at the Nov 30 public sector strikes

A short round up the action when public sector workers went on strike across the UK over pensions - from Guardian reporters on Twitter and sent in by Guardian readers


  1. An early and chilly start for union members
  2. Fylde Land Registry PCS Picket Line
    Fylde Land Registry PCS Picket Line
  3. Marches took place across the country - from Scotland, to Wales to Brighton and Ipswich - reports were fed into our open map which shows the spread of action in the UK
  4. Disruptions at airports weren't as severe as expected - and at Heathrow David Cameron’s press secretary Gabby Bertin helped out by checking passports.
    At Gatwick airport Magician Danny Hall was employed to entertain passengers who were delayed

  5. Bristol protesters were brought a bit of Christmas cheer by singing Santas at Cabot circus and on the march - giving their union slant to Christmas classics such as:
    “I'm dreaming of a fair pension/Just like the ones I used to know/Where the coffers glistened/and Mps might have listened/Before the bankers stole our dough."
  6. While some marched through the centre of Birmingham a rally took place at the National Indoor Arena
  7. As the sun set most marches began to come to an end and unionists made their way home
  8. The day wasn't all peaceful though - 37 were detained due to a breach of the peace in Dalston and two were arrested in Hackney for assaulting a PCSO. There is currently some disturbance in Charing Cross.