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Net Smart Compendium

Videos, blog posts, interviews about Net Smart: How to Thrive Online


  1. I've Storified a few of the videos, blog posts, interviews about my 2012 book, Net Smart: How to Thrive Online

  2. First, the 60 second video trailer.

  3. In May, 2012, I spoke about Net Smart at the Media Lab, followed by a conversation with Media Lab director, Joi Ito, and his sister, digital media and learning maestro Mimi Ito. The next link is to Media Lab's video of this event.

  4. Justin Ellis from Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab, attended the Media Lab event and wrote this blog post, which has been widely cited.
  5. In the summer of 2012, one of my heroes, Henry Jenkins, whose ideas were formative to my thinking about literacies, interviewed me via email. Our interview was published in three parts on Jenkins' blog.
  6. In May, 2012, instead of doing the standard author's talk at Google, I was interviewed by my daughter, Mamie Rheingold, works at Google:
  7. Authors@Google: Howard Rheingold