Rewriting the Rules:

Rewriting the Rules: Enduring and emerging approaches to change A one-day workshop with Helen Bevan Monday, October 17, 2016 TCU Place, Saskatoon


  1. Wow...what a day that was! We went from a cold, empty room this morning...
  2. a warm, lively, buzzing community of improvement rebels, swarming the stage, and sharing our takeaways from today's Rewriting the Rules workshop.
  3. So how did we get from Point A to Point B? Guess we better back up a bit. With all the change underway in Saskatchewan's health care system, we figured it was time for a booster shot of energy, inspiration, and strategies. And who better to deliver that vaccination than our friend from "across the pond": Helen Bevan. This is Helen's 4th trip to Saskatchewan! Pretty sure that makes her an #honoraryridersfan
  4. Before the session got rolling, Jody Mayer from Prairie North Health Region shared what was she was looking forward to from the day.
  5. Helen got us warmed with a fun exercise: If we were making a t-shirt for today's Rewriting the Rules workshop, what slogan would go on the front? Oooh, this is gonna be a great day! People got right to it...
  6. Next up, Helen introduced us to 5 major themes and trends in the field of change that are starting to have major implications for quality improvement in health care.
  7. Change Theme #1: Disruptive Change: The days of lengthy, large improvement projects are over. Bigger isn't better anymore. Small but mighty is the way to go!
  8. Change Theme #2: Acceleration of connectedness. Social media is changing the space-time continuum with how we connect.