this is probably a hovergarden tweets compilation

tweets from the hovergarden party at freeplay 2015


  1. Hey, so, videogames parties. Looks like we just had one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Hovergarden is a curatorial duo based in Melbourne, Australia, and is dedicated to contributing to and celebrating the culture of independent games. We organize get-togethers where people can play cool videogames that are unique, experimental or just plain amazing. Hovergarden is co-directed and curated by Andrew Brophy & Chad Toprak.
  3. On April 18th, Hovergarden hosted Freeplay 2015's official afterparty in Melbourne. Here's a collection of tweets that happened before, during and after the event <3
  4. Sweet poster above is by Takorii! Turned out great, and we're really proud of it! "This Is Probably A Party" is the name we decided to give our event, following our previous Freeplay afterparty "This Might Be A Party". We think it was a good step forward, going from a possibility to a probability.
  5. These preparation vines are pretty mint.
  6. Some of our guests at the party include A$AP BROCCOLI & KURT BRU$$EL, with fishuals by Travis Rigger.
  7. Beautiful hand lettered signage by Brendan Lloyd. Made us feel warm and fuzzy! :3
  8. So at this point, the party was full, and we weren't allowed to accept any more visitors. WE'RE SO SORRY :'((