Options for Florida Homeowners Who Need to Sell Fast

Organizations that quickly purchase homes from current owners will offer cash.


  1. At times, homeowners need to sell their homes quickly and do not want the hassle of going through the conventional listing process. Perhaps the home needs too many repairs or the owner needs to relocate within a few weeks due to an unexpected job offer. Other reasons requiring a quick sale include inheriting unwanted property, unreliable tenants for rental property, or entering into a contract to buy a more suitable residence. Some sellers do not want to wait for a buyer to sell an existing home and will not agree to that stipulation or contingency. Sell in fort lauderdale is an organization that purchases homes quickly from sellers who need to relinquish the property in less than thirty days.

    Organizations that quickly purchase homes from current owners will offer cash. This reduces the amount of time it takes to process the sale. When lenders are involved in a sale of a property, the process takes longer since the buyer must be approved for the amount of the loan. Lenders will usually not accept a sale price that is more than the value that a real estate appraiser determines the house is worth. If the agreed upon offer price is higher than the home's appraised value, the lender will require the seller and buyer re-negotiate the offer. What is great about florida cash home buyers is that this lengthy process is completely eliminated.

    Homeowners in the Miami area who need to sell their homes fast will also find that florida cash home buyers do not charge any commission fees. Not only will they buy houses in miami, but they will offer cash for any home. Regardless of the condition the home is in, the company will make a cash offer for the property. The company purchases properties in a wide range of values, from starter homes to luxury properties. The process begins by you filling out an online form with your contact information and preliminary details about your property.

    Those who do not want to gamble with a traditional real estate agent and the conventional selling process will want to consider selling their property to a company that makes cash offers. Owners who need to sell the home very quickly, or know that the home will not pass an inspection, are prime candidates for this marketplace option. Those who are facing foreclosure or cannot keep up with mortgage payments are also good candidates. Owners are not obligated to accept the cash offer when they contact the company. If the owner accepts the offer, the process is usually complete within a week's time and paperwork is kept to a minimal.