All About HostNine Web Hosting Services

Established in 2006, the focus of HostNine has always been on providing quality web hosting at reasonable prices.


  1. The firm made a name for themselves by launching their comprehensive hosting services, the white label reseller. HostNine offers a central platform for select resellers that enable them to provide services all over the globe from a single account.

    In 2009, certain customers were given access to free review accounts that enabled them to test their reseller centers. This allowed them to setup test web hosting accounts at datacenters all through the United States and other countries. This concept was remarkable for SEO as it involved the ability to set up multiple websites on different IP addresses.

    However, there was a problem in that HostNine seemingly leased servers at unreliable datacenters. This resulted in sites performing sluggishly after a few months and the reseller panel experienced difficulty to move sites elsewhere. This brought about cancellations of some accounts.

    In 2010, the company recognized that they were having some serious problems and made the decision to revamp and re-launch their service in its entirety. They have since removed access to unreliable datacenter locations, they only use the most consistently dependable datacenters in the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia and they re-launched their website using a different template that better highlights what they offer.

    In addition, they re-launched all their packages, rebranding themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Remarkable changes were made within a year. Apart from the reseller hosting provided, they offer VPS hosting, shared web hosting and dedicated servers as well. They also provide customers with a 45-day money back guarantee.

    Price Value

    They offer tremendously competitive web hosting rates for the shared hosting packages. Their shared hosting packages offer unlimited domain hosting, among other unlimited features, and its cost is a little lower than average.

    The flagship reseller hosting of the company provides 5 levels of service. These range from 500GB bandwidth and 50GB space to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. This hosting company is among the first web host to actually provide unlimited reseller accounts. To add to it, unlimited cPanel accounts can be set up with the elite reseller central panel all across the globe. This is an unlimited reseller account option that is quite expensive; however, the value of reselling an unlimited quantity of hosting would definitely pay off in the end.


    Ever since its re-launch in 2010, this hosting company has made tremendous improvements and has become a lot more reliable in their provision of web hosting services. To provide secure, reliable and trustworthy web hosting, they only use the best premium datacenters across the world.

    In addition, the company uses a multiple-SCSI backup cluster system to protect your data and provide you with access to complete data recovery.

    Customer Support

    Their customer support has been steadily improving since they initially started in 2006. This includes the support options and the agents they use. They now provide very effective customer support with a variety of options that are designed to satisfy the needs of all their customers.

    Customer support options are offered as follows:

    • 24/7 toll-free technical support and telephone sales
    • Customer support tickets
    • Live chat
    • Direct email links to email your support inquiry
    • Company blog that provide official announcements
    • Knowledgebase
    • Community forums to which non-customers have only limited access

    It should be noted that HostNine has taken a bold step in providing publicly posted statistics as it regards their response times. They have taken 4 minutes or less to answer submitted web hosting questions.
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