Helen Bevan's Tweets of the Week: May 26, 2017

Horizons Chief Transformation Officer Helen Bevan is an influential Twitter user. Her feed, followed by tens of thousands of users, curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.


  1. 10 competencies all change agents need - which do you have? Are there any you need to work on? And are there any you would add?

  2. Empathy, warm body language, and positive emotions are three crucial skills for leading without authority - do you agree?

  3. "When values are weak, rules are insufficient. When values are strong, rules are unnecessary." A leadership premise shared by Don Berwick.

  4. Are experts killing off innovation? This tweet sparked a debate:

  5. Whether you are a generalist or a specialist, all are valued - and there are 'multipotentialites' too, as detailed in this fab sketchnote:

  6. We need more neo-generalists - people able to master multiple disciplines:

  7. Organisational politics can be a blocker - here are some ideas about how to navigate them, and make your change a reality.

  8. Resistance to change can be frustrating - it can be useful to understand WHY the resistance exists. This framework gives you some pointers to help remove blockers

  9. A great little two minute film about five fundamental reasons why change fails

  10. To enable culture change across an organisation or system, focus on a few critical behaviours that will help influence other factors:

  11. Seven universal fear patterns that stop us fulfilling our potential. Are there any you recognise?

  12. What happens when we shift our focus from weaknesses to our strengths?

  13. If you're reflecting on a difficult situation, or something that went wrong don't focus on the 'why', ask 'what' - it reframes the situation to make it feel less personal, and helps us focus on the future - what have we learned and what can we do differently next time?