Helen Bevan's Tweets of the Week: January 31, 2017

Horizons' Chief Transformation Officer Helen Bevan is an influential Twitter user. Her feed, followed by tens of thousands of users, curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.


  1. I hope you find my Tweets of the Week useful! If you have any feedback, do get in touch - @helenbevan or the Horizons team @theEdgeNHS. Don't forget you can register to receive a notification when the latest one has been published by setting up a free Storify account, and follow Horizons CIC. Back issues are also available here:  http://theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk/community/content-curation/ 
  2. I'm excited about the new term of the School for Change Agents! It's a FREE, five week online course that starts on Thursday 16th February at 3pm. The School is open to anyone who want to make change happen in health, care, and related sectors - from all across the world! The course has loads of information about how to create effective change - and it's fun, too! Thank you to everyone who has been retweeting, sharing, and encouraging their friends to join. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the course.

  3. For more information, and to join the hundreds of people who have already enrolled please visit our website theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk/school/

  4. More free virtual learning: a webinar about improving patient care and staff morale, Thursday 2 February

  5. Social media is a fantastic place for learning and making connections, but there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings about how to use it, and utilise its potential.

  6. The proliferation of social/digital media can make some feel uncomfortable because of the lack of control - digitilisation democratises everything. We must recognise its value.

  7. Five Steps to Build a Successful Social Movement

  8. Join the Thunderclap for the Social Media Kit for Healthcare, 15th February

  9. We live in a visual world: graphics can help your message achieve a greater impact, which is why I am making more use of visuals.

  10. Here are 33 ways to visualise ideas: let's move away from conventional methods whenever we can, to better educate and engage.

  11. Think you can't do visual stuff because you believe you're not creative? Check out these ideas!

  12. Working Out Loud is about collaboration, being a generous partner, and cultivating relationships in order to boost your own learning, and that of others as expressed in this fab sketchnote.

  13. Talking to and sharing with others is a way of improving your ideas!

  14. This is one way I'm benefiting from collaboration!