Helen Bevan's Tweets of the Week January 17, 2017

Horizons' Chief Transformation Officer Helen Bevan is an influential Twitter user. Her feed, followed by tens of thousands of users, curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.


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  2. Last Wednesday the Horizons team was delighted to support @FabNHSStuff #Doathon. The day was part of Change Day, with the purpose of turning all the fabulous ideas that everyone has in to action.

  3. More than 100 people from all specialties from a range of trusts across the country attended - thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to travel to London, and we are grateful to Trusts for releasing their staff.

  4. Sepsis is one of the UK's biggest killers yet many people have never heard of it, or are able to recognise the symptoms. This online game is a fab resource for raising awareness. Sepsis was one of our five focus areas at the #Doathon - patient experience; dementia; home first; and visible leadership completed the set.

  5. Here's the patient experience introduction - demonstrating the importance of empathy.

  6. Want an innovative way to get people connecting at a conference? Hand out personalised certificates to the wrong person, and ask people to find the right recipient!

  7. We used the 'Scan, Focus, Act' model to focus millions of great ideas in to actions.

  8. The #Doathon was a brilliant day full of energy, and with lots of achievable actions that will be turned in to a 'Do Kit' so anyone, whoever you are, can start making a difference in health and care.

  9. Of course, work on all of these areas (and many others!) is ongoing all day every day.

  10. This is nearly at 50k RTs - please spare a moment to share to help more funds be donated to the Sepsis Trust.

  11. Need help for public speaking? Comedians have seven things they can teach you.

  12. Here's 25 things that teachers do differently - it's relevant to all sorts of roles and professions (just replace 'teacher' with whatever you do!).

  13. Stepping out of your comfort zone can definitely feel scary, but as this fab sketchnote shows plenty of great things will happen as a result.

  14. How to manage transition, represented as this fab sketchnote