Helen Bevan's Tweets of the Week: April 20, 2017

Horizons Chief Transformation Officer Helen Bevan is an influential Twitter user. Her feed, followed by tens of thousands of users, curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.


  1. Congratulations to our Certificated Change Agents! I am so proud. There is still a couple of weeks until the Certification deadline (1 May) - all the information you need is available here  http://theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk/school/certification/  - and don't forget you can now claim CPD points!

  2. This sketchnote has now had thousands of shares and views - it has clearly had an impact!

  3. Change involves learning...and learning is so much easier when it is fun!

  4. Free tools to help shift mindsets and facilitate change

  5. New methods to spur creativity

  6. Just get started: key innovation and design methods

  7. A brilliant twist on an excellent activity to prompt different thinking!

  8. Four key influencing tactics: empathy, the art of understanding the motivations of those whom you seek to influence, is key to each of these.

  9. High-performing systems thrive on bonds of trust between people, rather than being reliant on a hierarchy.

  10. Power - the ability to make things happen - comes from connection just as much as from a position of authority.

  11. What really makes you a leader? It's different how to we traditionally define leaders.

  12. Interpersonal warmth is more important than competence in predicting a leader's future success

  13. What is your margin for power? Use this graphic representation of the McClusky formula to find out.