Music or Bust: Karin Elizabeth Talks Following Her Dream


  1. By Hope Winkles | April 24, 2016 5:13 p.m.
  2. Captivating audiences with powerful vocals and the electrified sound of a violin, Detroit-based musician Karin Elizabeth calls center stage home. Backed by her band, she ditched the typical 9-to-5 job in search of her passion.
  3. “I don’t think it was ever a choice for me,” said Karin. “If you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing it’s not a choice, just who you are.”
  4. Karin is the front woman of her band, Karin Elizabeth and the Remedy, tackling vocals, electric violin and the saxophone. Having picked up a violin while “still in diapers,” Karin embraces her audiences, going into the crowd and even jumping up on tables to perform solos.
  5. Terry Foster, a good friend of Karin’s and current sports broadcaster for 97.1 FM, described her shows as “electric and energetic,” and described Karin as “friendly and engaging.”
  6. “She’s the type of person who really listens to people when they talk,” said Terry.
  7. Terry and Karin met through a mutual friend, whom they both used as a personal trainer.
  8. “It’s been about seven years,” said Terry. “It went from working out, to hanging out, and now I try to see her perform when I can.”
  9. Karin follows her passion and has always persevered to achieve her dreams, something her husband, Larry, encourages her to do.
  10. “I met him in an important crossroads,” explained Karin. “I was trying to be an adult but I just felt like something was missing.”
  11. Six months after they met, Larry and Karin decided to start their own band, Karin Elizabeth and The Remedy, a venture that has proven successful.
  12. Karin Elizabeth and the Remedy band Medley by Flint Michigan Films (Cory James Taylor)
  13. After getting her graduate teaching certificate from Wayne State University in 2005, Karin taught music in public schools for five years. When budget cuts loomed in Detroit, Karin quit her job as a teacher and leapt into her music career.
  14. “I had done some coffee shop stuff, but I thought nobody cared,” said Karin. “I auditioned for a band and that’s where I met Larry.”
  15. According to Karin it was “crazy.” She wasn’t always a singer and actually shocked her parents when she did start singing.
  16. Karin auditioned for Blue Lake, a fine arts camp, as a violinist during childhood. During middle school, she tried out for the International Orchestra, but on a whim also auditioned for the International Choir.
  17. “I made the Blue Lake International Choir,” said Karin. “My parents thought the camp had the wrong kid and called them five times to be sure.”
  18. Karin travelled with the Blue Lake International Choir to Europe without her parents at 13 years old, an exciting expedition for a budding musician.
  19. “That was the moment when it all felt real, and I wanted to tour forever,” said Karin reminiscing.
  20. Originally, Karin planned to tour and be a musician, but at 19 years old, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.
  21. “I was told I couldn’t have kids, which was fine with 19 year old me,” said Karin. “I was planning to go to Germany and sing opera.”
  22. Karin’s plan was on track until she had her daughter, Aria. After becoming a mom, she followed in her own mother’s footsteps and became a teacher.
  23. Karin balanced being a mom, a musician and a teacher for five years, eventually felt like something was missing.