Codebabes isn't a hoax

So I heard about this morning from good friend @rellyab. It's like codecademy, crossed with a stupid misogynistic attitude and some soft-core porn:

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  1. So I retweeted Relly, had a look around and was outraged. But then figured: hey, is this *really* real, or is it just a parody? Maybe I could sign up to check.
  2. Nope. It's real.
  3. You choose courses, like Programming for Virgins or HTML for Virgins. They're presented by "codebabes". You watch a video, and then you're tested on the content to proceed to the next module in the course.
  4. Some of the tests are a bit smutty.

  5. The HTML tests were a bit less smutty.
  6. And here's an example of the tone of voice of the copy.
    What happens when you pass a test? Your teacher removes an item of clothing. First, it's glasses. but then:
  7. Yeah, it gets a bit soft-core.
  8. Then a bit more testing:
  9. Toward the end of the course, so:
  10. I guess it got hard to come up with good CSS questions: