Custom Home-Building and Its Process

Many people are familiar with the home-buyer process for a pre-existing property.


  1. Many people are familiar with the home-buyer process for a pre-existing property. Potential sellers and real estate agents scour listings, and they visit both open houses and private showings together. Eventually, the sellers pick a house, but they may wonder if they are simply settling. With Monogram Homes, individuals in the market have the opportunity to design a dwelling of their dreams. Some people shy away from the process with trepidation, but from start to finish, the Monogram process is individualized, professional and courteous.

    Interested parties begin by experiencing a consultation with Bob to ensure that Monogram is the right fit. Preliminary questions about the process are answered, and after that, potential buyers move into the design phrase where they work with Danielle. Open and honest communication is integral to success in these conversations. Customizing and designing a house is a unique and individualized process, so customers should not be shy about expressing their needs. The design is three-dimensional, so customers have a true idea of what their home would look like once it is put into production.

    Budget is a heavy concern for most individuals in search of a new Monogram Homes, and that is certainly true for people who are having custom homes built. Once the three-dimension model is birthed, customers sit down to chat with Danielle about the cost and features. Instead of having to surrender all dreams of a custom home due to budget concerns, Danielle works with customers to tailor the plan to their financial needs. For example, removing a particular room or choosing different materials can help to bring the cost down. Interested parties can see how the transmutations will look with the three-dimensional model so that they need not merely guess as to what their home will look like.

    The buyer is not a quiet bystander in the process. He or she is an active participant who will retain communication with Monogram while the house is brought from its nascent stages into its final touches. The buyer and company work together to select each element of the home and to craft a cohesive, comprehensive vision.