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The Best Tweets From Today's Apple Mini Event

Today, we experienced semi-annual tradition of a bunch of tech-journalists (aka the bi-coastal PR arm for Apple) tweeting and blogging the living hell out of a product launch. Here are some of the best tweets that went against the grain either in terms of humor or analysis.


  1. Rumors were flying in the hours before the launch:

  2. It was hard to pick a good liveblog to follow. Somebody needs to make a liveblog to follow all the liveblogs.
  3. Is this what I'm looking for?
  4. The first announcement of the day was the iBooks 3.0 update, featuring continuous scrolling, customizable fonts, and a feature allowing you to share individual passages on Twitter or Facebook. The reaction from many over this was: what took you so long?
  5. Going small: Next up was the new 13-inch version of Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Previously this model was only sold in the 15-inch model.
  6. What the new iMac lacks in retina-display, it makes up for by being really really thin:
  7. Is the new iMac too thin?
  8. Apple also introduced the new Mac Mini desktop computer, inspiring one of the few laughs of the day
  9. Oh, there's also a new full-size iPad
  10. OK enough said.
    So then it was time for what everyone was waiting for. Judging by the reaction ("it's just a small tablet!" / "It's just a big iPhone!") It's hard to imagine what they expected.
  11. In closing: