Duane Howard: From Overlooked to Academy Award Favorite

No one was giving Duane Howard the spotlight until we broke the glass ceiling with his inspiring story!


  1. Sit Down with Duane Howard from The Revenant (FULL VERSION)
  2. And Duane Howard received the invitation that changed everything and Holly joined him to capture every step!
  3. Mar 19, 2016 - In this blog we are showcasing the Oscar 2016 weekend that we coordinated for Duane Howard, the highlights being The Academy's Hair & Makeup Symposium, the exclusive Armani Oscars 2016 Party and, of course, the Oscars themselves!
  4. Duane's Oscar weekend began at 2PM on the Saturday with a VIP reception at The Academy. HollyWords Publicity (HWP) had coordinated with the event producers of The Academy's Hair & Makeup Symposium and The Academy itself to have Duane appear as The Revenant's Oscar-nominated team's special guest.
  5. At 5:30PM we swept Duane away from the Academy and escorted him into Armani's exclusive party on Rodeo Drive.
  6. A twenty-one year expert in film & television publicity and a former actress herself, HWP CEO Holly Carinci introduced Duane to the A-list stars attending the party, all of whom were thrilled to meet him and actually happy to have Holly take their picture. The rest of the photos tell the evening's story ...