Mass Comm Week: Wednesday Recap

Wednesday was full of great panels on a variety of topics for students to dive into.


  1. Wednesday started off with a panel that talked about why students might want to consider going to grad school. The panel was led by Texas State's own Jon Zmikly, who teaches design classes in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  2. Among the topics discussed was what makes an effective grad program. One example that was cited was the South by Texas State project, in which grad students got to cover SXSW Interactive for Cindy Royal's Advanced Online Media Course.
  3. Later that morning, a panel called Non-profit Careers for Communicators showed students how jobs in the growing non-profit sector could be rewarding. Among the panelists were Sara Peralta from the Capital Area Food Bank and Melissa Miller of Concordia University. They gave students advice and tips for starting their careers. 
  4. For those with a passion for finding the latest and greatest tunes, a panel on how to cover musicians through pictures and blog posts gave students a fresh perspective on what it means to be a music reporter in this day and age. Panelists from Vivogig, Red River Noise, Backline Show and Mosak Advertising and Insights took the stage.
  5. One of the most anticipated events of the day was a panel called Innovation in Journalism, which featured Evan Smith, CEO and Editor in Chief of the Texas Tribune, and Rodney Gipps, Chief Innovation Officer for the Texas Tribune.
  6. Evan Smith and Rodney Gibbs, Innovation in Journalism
  7. The Texas Tribune is a non-profit media outlet that has been hugely successful in its nearly three years of existence. Part of its success comes from Smith's clear vision for what the news outlet should be.
  8. Many talented journalists have worked at the Tribune, including Matt Stiles, who went on to work for NPR. Stiles is known for his expertise on data reporting. 
  9. Smith and Gipps had encouraging words for students entering the mass communication field. 

  10. The day's discussion then turned from content to design as panelists Sam Kapila, a communication design faculty member, Anthony Armendariz, Product Designer at Evernote, and Courtney Ryan Buie,  of McGarrah Jessee took the stage.
  11. The panelists offered students ideas about how to tackle difficult design projects, though they noted that everyone's processes is different. 
  12. Even with professionals around, some students couldn't resist dressing up for Halloween. The green man even made an appearance at the design panel.