Get Away For the Holidays

Enjoy your figgy pudding as you kick back in front of the fireplace or even, dare you say it, in front of the telly.


  1. As the holidays approach, many children (not to mention adults) have visions of sugar plums dancing in their head. There will be parties every weekend and gatherings with all of the relatives, near and far. But, for some locals, the idea of getting together with all that family, not to mention barking dogs and children running wild, is not a welcome thought. Their idea of a good time might be to snuggle up in a cottage with a loved one (one loved one, not a passel of them) and ring in the new year in a quiet fashion.

    So, what stops these introverts from sneaking away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas in the City? Well, if they're being honest, it's usually money. After having spent all that cash on secret santas and white elephant gifts, there is often not enough money to get away to a cottage in the country. With that in mind, A UK holidays competition has been established, giving away a £500 voucher towards a stay in one of their cottages. What a getaway that could be, just you and a loved one. Granted, you could take the whole family, but doesn't a romantic weekend or week sound positively heavenly?

    Enjoy your figgy pudding as you kick back in front of the fireplace or even, dare you say it, in front of the telly. When you're alone for the holidays, there's no one telling you what you should or have to do on the holiday. So, if your idea of fun is watching a match or two or three, this could be your opportunity. Your Christmas/Boxing Day could be held in Wales, Scotland or on the coast of Britain. Take your pick. Some of the cottages will certainly be decorated for the holidays, while others may have a more universal appeal.

    Tired of the same old gatherings, the boring get togethers? Maybe it's time you did something different this year and rented a cottage (or won one!). Just get in the car, put on a holiday cd if you're so inclined and drive. Get away from it all. Enjoy the solitude or the intimacy of being with that one special someone. Then, when you come back to the old brick and mortar work place, you'll be truly refreshed for a change and ready to face the new year. This year, it's a lucky event that the holidays fall on the weekend, so take advantage of the time with a getaway weekend.