Twitter Chat 2 #21stedchat

Sundays at 5pm PST. Variety of topics weekly.


  1. And we're off! Cool, had no idea what the topic would be going in, can always use some ELL strategies!
  2. Ahhhh, already a much nicer pace then my first chat. Feels like I have a chance to read and comprehend a little bit this time :)
  3. Yay! Mike has joined the room. #csusminthehouse
  4. Excellent resources shared in Q2! Time to Diigo these ASAP.
  5. I am sooooo interested in learning more about gamification (and also a bit confused about what it is exactly). I'd love to see this in action in a classroom!
  6. Was a little confused by this question (Q4, the way it was worded). Still sort of wondering if she means standardized tests, or class tests, or any test; and also what she means by "after 2 years" (related to a certain CELDT score? - ex: 2 years after a CELDT score 1?). I should have asked for clarification but was feeling shy.