Youth Can Be Credible Authorities

What struck me most about R. David Lankes reading, was that youth can become credible authorities using technology. They need to become fluent in technologies so they can be part of the "credibility conversation". Youth can become the experts! Story for URI-LSC531.

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  1. "If society wants youth to be truly able to make credibility decisions in digital networks, then youth must understand the technical nature of the net-work itself—from the use of tools to the creation of tools." (Lankes, 2008, p. 111).   Youth need to understand how the technology tools manipulate information so that they can become better at determining reliability and credibility.
  2. Open access software and technology allow youth to be part of the CONVERSATION OF CREDIBILITY on the internet.  However, they need training and education both in and outside of the classroom around digital media to gain technical skills and understand what they are using.
  3. YOUmedia has created space to do just what David Lankes is stating...these kids are becoming credible authorities in what they have created.
  4. One of the students in this video is now teaching her own class.  She has become an expert!
  5. Nichole Pinkard on Digital Literacy (Big Thinkers Series)
  6. Libraries, beyond schools, can be spaces for young adults to gain skills.  Youth can create and use tools that teach them and help them define what is credible information.  They can participate in the "constant conversation".

  7. YA Librarians are also the right people to help direct them and give them the ETHICAL GUIDANCE for creating conversation around reliability and credibility.  They are trained in the the expression of ideas and have a reputation as "authoritative" not "authoritarian" (p. 107). Librarians can give young adults the space to learn and be better consumers of information.  Librarians themselves can be a reliable resource.
  8. Youth from every demographic deserve equal opportunity to ACCESS AND LEARN about the technology they have come to depend on; and given the opportunity to shape the future of credible and reliable information.