The Long Hunt

Twitter Scavenger Hunt (THS), American University in Cairo (AUC), Fall 2015 JRMC2202 Professor Kim Fox.


  1. Outcomes from the Twitter Scavenger Hunt (copied from assignment sheet)
    -Demonstrate an understanding of writing for the various forms of media.

    -Demonstrate an understanding of how technology and convergence influence contemporary journalism.

    -Evaluate traditional and state-of-the-art journalism copy along such dimensions as creativity, professionalism, and substance.

    -Understand and apply the complementary use of images and writing in generating effective copy.

  2. I myself was panicking on where to go, instead of actually going, this regrettably wasted a lot of mine and my partner's time, which caused us to have a late start. I learned with the Twitter Scavenger Hunt, it's better to go with the flow and tweet in the instance, rather than wait and tweet all at once, because regrettably tweeting all at once was quite overwhelming.

  3. Our Twitter accounts:

  4. Throught the assignment I was frustrated that Twitter limited the characters, but later I learned the reason for that is so tweeters get to their main points quickly, which means they must pick their words wisely.

  5. Our first victim was a student on the street, we had to find out how he gets his news.

  6. Next we had to find a student who uses the sports facilities, which was not a challenge.

  7. To see AUC's extracurricular extravaganza, there is no better place than the plaza, which has booths from almost every club in AUC.

  8. Next task was to find someone at their favorite eating spot on campus. Time to storm AUC's food outlets!!!!!