Hans Sloane's Birthday: Tales from the Sloane Correspondence

To celebrate Sloane's birthday, I'm digging out a few tales about Sloane, his family and his correspondents from Sir Hans Sloane Correspondence Online.


  1. Earlier this week, I blogged about my inspiration to build a database of Sloane's correspondence. What I plan to use the database for is to build case histories for individual patients and families and to uncover Sloane's domestic world. The database is, of course, not yet complete, but in the meantime, I've had fun selecting letters to highlight the diversity of topics found in the correspondence. I've also selected several letters that reveal a bit about Sloane's life. Of course, many of these letters could have been found without the database, but when sifting through forty or so volumes of letters to find scattered references to Sloane's family, a database sure makes things easier! So, to celebrate Sloane's birthday, here is a sample of the letters written to him, covering topics that range from farms to family members.