What is a recipe? Day 5

By Rosie Redstone, with Lisa Smith


  1. An exciting virtual conversation on Day 5, with H-Net Nutrition's posts, Siobhan Clark's potatoes, Sietske Fransen in the Early Royal Society Archives, The Endless Knot's podcast, Dorothy Cashman exploring Irish culinary history, the College of Physicians Philadelphia, and Cooking with Anger.
  2. H-Nutrition have been discussing diets, ranging from Germany's diet after World War One and the statistically 'best' Yorkshire Pudding, to bran and healthy children, or sacred and profane recipes. Lots of big themes, such as ethnicity, nation, and family.
  3. Siobhan Clark is back with her eighteenth-century potato growing experiment, this time planting potatoes.
  4. Sietske Fransen shared some fascinating pieces from the Early Royal Society Archives. These included recipes to treat scurvy, discussions of healthy children, pictures of kidney stones, and remedies for rabies.
  5. We then had the pleasure of listening to The Endless Knot podcast, which was an interview with Laura Carlson of The Feast podcast.