20 Cost Effective Moving Tips


  1. It's moving time! So much to do, so little time, and so much money! Not necessarily. Experienced, frugal movers can tell you there are so many ways to save on moving. The following will be the ultimate guide to lead you through the most cost effective moving tips that will help "lighten the load" of stress that comes with moving. Get your checklist ready!
  2. Cost Effective Moving Tips:

  3. 1) Movers: Professional Services? Or DIY?
    If you can't find the time, willingness or people to help you achieve moving on your own, then professional services will have to be an option. When looking for movers, look local, check reviews, ask for referrals, DON'T give them a deposit, and background check them on the BBB website.
  4. 2) Sell the things you are not going to use.
    There's a great quote out there about helping people declutter their lives. Something along the lines of, "If you lost it, would you replace it?" If not, you don't need. This helps in deciding whether or not to let something(s) go.

    There are many options for selling your things these days. Craigslist, Facebook, LetGo App, Nextdoor Neighborhood App, and others that will help get you more money for less items on your hands.
  5. 3) Ditch some of your stuff.
    You're likely not going to sell everything. If you're capable, or have a friend that will force you, throw away that old junk that you can't sell and you just don't need. Come on, it's cleansing!
  6. 4) Get used, cheap moving boxes.
    Don't buy brand new, expensive moving boxes. There are so many options for cheap moving boxes: liquor stores, produce aisles in grocery stores, online options, and more.

    Get what you can for free, but when you get stuck in needing that one or two large, or funny shaped boxes, still don't buy new, expensive ones. Look for inexpensive moving boxes online like Craigslist!

    Speaking of boxes, here's a quick tip: Use small boxes for heavy items!
  7. 5) Organize the dates for when you shut down utilities.
    This will save you time and money. Call your utility companies and give them your move-out date. They will either give you options, or you can let them know the last day you would like your utilities on, or in your name.
  8. 6) Use USPS to move your books.
    Did you know that USPS will ship your books for a fairly decent price? A 20 pound box of books is less than $12 to ship!
  9. 7) Sort by category.
  10. 8) Schedule donation pickups. They're free!
  11. 9) Use a calendar to put moving tasks on.
  12. 10) Pack ahead.
    The more you pack ahead of time, the less stressful the big moving day(s) will be.
  13. 11) Change your address a week before you move.
    Too often people forget this simple, but important task. You can change your address for free by going into your local post office, or online for just a dollar!
  14. 12) Pack your dishes vertically.
    This is a cool tip for even the most experienced movers. Instead of having all that weight on the bottom plates, placing them vertically evenly distributes the weight! Still line the plates with a couple sheets of newspaper in between each one. Then, use bubble wrap to fill in the gaps!
  15. 13) Cover the tops of toiletry bottles with Saran Wrap.
    Imagine the effects of what could happen if you didn't do this!
  16. 14) Put the things you will need right away in a clear plastic box.
    Such a simple tip that is so incredibly helpful!
  17. 15) Pack a personal overnight bag.
  18. 16) Stop buying groceries one week before you leave.
  19. 17) Take pictures of your electronic hookups.
    "Which wire goes in where?!" A frustration when moving into the new place. Photographs of how all of your electronics were hooked up before you move, will help get rid of this particular moving frustration.
  20. 18) Set aside cleaning supplies for moving day!
  21. 19) Load heavy furniture into the moving truck first.
  22. 20) Make your bed(s) first.
    You'll be exhausted after a long day of moving. The last thing you'll want to do is find sheets or make the bed. You will want this one done before hand so that after an extensive day of moving, you can simply crash into bed!
  23. Easy and Cheap Moving Tips