Risky? A collection of Absolutely Maybes

A theme index for my posts at Scientific American. (Follow on Twitter @hildabast)


  1. Risky: it's such a personal judgment - and our values on this can shift in different areas of our lives:
  2. It can be very hard to keep data on risks in perspective though. Here are my favorite shortcuts:
  3. When dramatic and rare risks go viral though, it isn't easy for courage to win over fear:
  4. To counter panic, we don't just need information, but a "virtuous spiral of trust":
  5. What's the attraction of risky winter sports in particular, though? With a look at the micromort method of comparing the risks of different activities. (That's way more interesting than it might sound! In which we find out how the risks of scuba-diving and sky-diving stack up, too.)
  6. Spotting spin can help keep risks in perspective too. With researchers, the abstract is the first risk here:
  7. We're facing more environmental catastrophes. This post looks at the ways to respond to this ever-present risk:
  8. When we place a lot of value on the benefits to us of something, we mightn't even consider that the risks at all. Here's a look at the possible downside of the surge in popularity of self-tracking...
  9. ...and an eye-watering look at the history and current status of contact lens risks:
  10. What we'll do in hopes of preventing disease, and spreading the shadow of angst about disease unnecessarily while we're at it, is something I write about more, though. Here's a Storify collecting those posts: