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Your posts about Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards!


  1. Here's that "Oh My!"-ley Cyrus performance from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday: The money scene begins when Robin Thicke comes on stage around 3:05 ... and I'd rate it NSFW.
  2. We Can't Stop/Blurred Lines/Give It 2 U (Medley)
  3. Could the "Blurred Lines" rendition really have been THAT bad? I wondered (I don't have cable). Short answer: Yes.
  4. This reaction shot from the VMAs of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's family was wildly retweeted -- it seemed to speak for all viewers so eloquently. Too bad they weren't actually reacting to Miley. 
  5. What's actually before the Smith clan is Lady Gaga's opening performance of "Applause," according to HuffPo Celebrity. (And Gaga's number was predictably gaga, from what I see here ... and hear: I do love her big voice!)
  6. Here's a selection of reactions in and around central Indiana to the infamous Miley sequence.
  7. Speaking of stories being pushed out, did you catch "Saturday Night Live"'s Vanessa Bayer doing her Miley Cyrus impersonation in the intro? Bayer has A LOT more material to work with now!
  8. And I was excited to see Bayer's co-presenter, Shailene Woodley! The actress used the VMAs to debut the first trailer for one of her upcoming films, the sci-fi thriller "Divergent." Like another of her 2013 projects, 'The Fault In Our Stars," this one also is an adaptation of a best-selling novel.
  9. VMA 2013 Exclusive: 'Divergent' First Look
  10. Have you seen a great reaction to the Miley Cyrus performance? Leave a comment!