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Alligator in Fishers is talk of social media!

Yep: There was a gator (trying to hitch a ride?) caught along I-69 this weekend near 116th Street! Police said the 3-foot-long reptile was taken to a Strawtown refuge, but not before he had captured our attention on social media! By the way, that missssssssing Noblesville boa is still at large.


  1. This isn't the first gator report that's gobsmacked us. Think of that mysterious reptile spotted near the Pyramids, who has been thriving on Twitter as @NaptownGator ever since ...
  2. ... though DNR officials have said that after searches have turned up nothing, they suspect the alligator in the College Park neighborhood is a "fish story."
  3. Whatever his status offline, @NaptownGator is denying he took a road trip to Fishers last Friday:
  4. What do you do if you run across an alligator in Indiana? I heard this from a co-worker and had to tweet it out -- maybe we saved a life today!
  5. But not all agreed with the gator guidelines ...
  6. Whatever our gator's running style, the STORY sure has plenty of legs, judging from the chatter on Twitter!