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Why do YOU like soccer? Twitter users share their passion!

The bonds it creates among family and nations; the beauty and athleticism of the sport; the buzz that surrounds it: SO many things unite fans of the game of soccer, from the responses I got on Twitter this morning! Thanks to those who told me why YOU love soccer! Check out the best responses below!


  1. Some of you praise the sport itself -- for how it tests athletes' endurance and how elegant its strategy can be.
  2. And some of you admire the way the internationally popular game brings the globe together.
  3. The connections it fosters occur on a small scale, too. Countless families bond over that black-and-white ball ... and it gets the girls in the game, especially!
  4. Did you grow up playing soccer? Like me, you probably didn't know it was possible NOT to!
  5. Some of you have found players to admire and inspire you ...
  6. ... though some of your love for soccer's players comes from a DIFFERENT perspective!
  7. Thanks, everyone, for reponding! I drew @AIGrossnickle as the winner of the 4-ticket pack. Sorry to everyone who hoped to win and didn't, but don't worry ... I'll have another giveaway soon enough!