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"The Fault in Our Stars" filming, through posts on social media!

Since the day the movie version of the beloved John Green book began filming in Pittsburgh -- and even before -- many of the principals have posted entertaining and insightful updates on Twitter and elsewhere. Take a look!


  1. Who I'm tracking (thanks to The Star's David Lindquist, @317lindquist, for pointing me to some of these!):  

    @realjohngreen – Posting on Twitter as well as on his Fishing Boat Proceeds Tumblr account.
    @AnselElgort – actor who’s portraying Augustus Waters. 
    @ShaileneWoodley – Plays the character Hazel Grace Lancaster.
    @natandalex – This is actor Nat Wolff, who portrays a friend of Augustus and Hazel.

    @SamTrammell -- Portrays Hazel's dad (he's also Sam Merlotte on HBO's "True Blood").
    @JoshBooneMovies – The director.
    @wyckgodfrey – One of the producers.

    And a few others such as @birbigs, aka comedian Mike Birbiglia ... 
  2. Oh, the Places You'll Go: A Dramatic Reading
  3. Fans of the book are eagerly anticipating the movie version!
  4. And the cast appears to be having a ball!
  5. Shailene Woodley is known for her very natural lifestyle. For instance, she rarely wears makeup. It's not surprising to see a photo of a homemade drink from her on set!