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The Brad Stevens meme - a look back at the classic viral social media posts!

With Butler University coach Brad Stevens leaving for the top job at the Boston Celtics, we had the same reaction as the man himself to a late-game call in Bulldogs' NCAA Tournament loss to Marquette: NOOOOO! But we're consoling ourselves with a look back at the much-beloved viral meme it spawned!


  1. Credit for the meme callback goes to The Star's Jill Disis, quick on the draw as usual with her witty tweets in response to breaking news!
  2. The Star's Gary Varvel smartly took the same tack in his cartoon response -- speaking for the entire community!
  3. But some may have forgotten what inspired this visual -- Brad Stevens, in addition to being most successful coach in recent Butler history, also made an indelible mark on the Internet earlier this year!
  4. We saw Stevens FREAK. OUT. when a ref's call went against Butler late in their 74–72 loss to Marquette in the NCAA Men's Tournament.
  5. (Note 1: He would have been in EVEN MORE PAIN had he realized this was his LAST GAME with Butler EVER! Sniff.)
  6. (Note 2: Doesn't he look a lot like Bat Boy?)
  7. And thus, a meme was born! It was helped by a PNG path file thoughtfully provided by Deadspin so that Internet users the world over could roll their own.
  8. Among the best meme-ifications: The classic quote treatment.
  9. That tragic moment in the Lion King.
  10. The Hindenburg disaster. Oh, the humanity!
  11. I enjoyed Chris Sims' decision to throw in the beloved school mascots, Butler Blue II and Butler Blue III. Godzilla is a Marquette fan - who knew?
  12. And what was Stevens' response, when then-Butler beat writer David Woods asked the coach what he thought of this viral meme? Stevens told him:

  13. "Don't know what it is. I haven’t looked at any of that stuff."
  14. Because he's too busy watching game film and studying the stats to prepare his next winners, natch!
  15. This meme was SOOO much fun. Brad, we look forward to your first meltdown on the sidelines for the Celtics!