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Yes. YES! Dave Chappelle as Prince on this 3rd Eye Girl single’s cover art!

Seeing the former, Dave Chappelle, dressed as the latter -- Prince -- almost made me spit out my Cheerios today! This cover of the new "Breakfast Can Wait" single for the Purple One’s band 3rd Eye Girl is part of how Prince is making Twitter oh-so-amazing lately!


  1. Have you seen this yet? It's a viral-marketing match from heaven: A long-absent but almost legendary comedian and an ever-mysterious music diva, both seeking a return to the spotlight. Behold.
  2. I will pause here while you finish laughing out loud at the funny. Now go post it to your Facebook wall. It will be shared.
  3. Here's the even better bit: it's a kick-butt funky jam! If you need to cleanse your ears and spirit of yet another replay of "Blurred Lines," take a listen!
  4. PRINCE - Breakfast Can Wait
  5. Chappelle has impersonated the Purple One before, on Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show" in 2004, as the TODAY show blog and others have noted. See if you think his current impression matches up to the original!
  6. True Hollywood Stories - Prince
  7. We know there's at least one viewer who could never forget that bit!
  8. Best Twitter account of 2013?

  9. If you want your music heard in August 2013, you first go out and hire the best viral marketing team for social media that money can buy. See: Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Bieber -- the current aristocracy of Trending Topics. But Prince is taking Twitter, and engaging with his fans therein, to a whole new level.
  10. If you haven't seen how Prince is ruling Twitter, GET ON OVER AND FOLLOW HIS HIGHNESS. How can you not bow down to a guy who posts this?
  11. Or this, his Throwback Thursday contribution?
  12. Or what may be the greatest selfie in all of social (media) history?
  13. I loved how the account launched ... My first reaction was ... uh. This was a professionally designed campaign, right?
  14. Then here is where I suspected, oh -- he's TROLLING us.
  15. My suspicions that it was a giant spoof of how we all tweet were confirmed here, with this, the de rigeur pic for social media ... dinner. Bravo, sir.
  16. Now I'm in love. This could be me shortly.