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Spoiler alert! 5 talking points on the debut of 'Breaking Bad'

Even if -- like me! -- you haven't seen the debut of the AMC show's final eight-episode run, titled "Blood Money," there's still plenty to discuss online! But if you're committed to staying truly knowledge-free, this probably isn't the post to read.


  1. 1. How was the episode, "Blood Money"?

    While I didn't get to see the Sunday night premiere, my jones for news led me to click on some of my favorite television recappers for their assessments, because I am just THAT addicted to this show. Here's what's Alan Sepinwall had to say about the debut:
  2. Sounds like I'm making watching this episode a priority above all other things today!
  3. 2. Has this show gotten a lot more popular since Hank first popped open Walt's copy of "Leaves of Grass" or what?

  4. The show's explosion in popularity makes Monday morning interactions with the world that much harder for us DVR and iTunes viewers.
  5. 3. Speaking of Season 5, isn't my already purchased iTunes season pass still good for these last eight episodes?

    NO it is not. I had a sinking feeling about this while reviewing my video library the other day and noticing that iTunes was advertising the "Final Season" (at $22.99) separately from "Season 5" in the TV section. Apple, why do you got to break (the season) bad like that?
  6. 4. Is the character of Albuquerque, New Mexico, almost as great as any of the human ones?

    Gorgeous scenery, spot-on locations (the Whites' A1A Car Wash that launders the money is wonderfully tacky) and stunning cinematography set this series apart as much as does the human drama.
  7. But a setting can only inspire so much of my love. Aaron Paul's bad boy has won my heart now and forever -- glad show creator Vince Gilligan didn't kill off his character as originally planned! Boo to Walt for making him suffer so much!
  8. The real hero right now might be Walt's brother-in-law, DEA official Hank Schrader.