Roy Hibbert's awesome dunk

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  1. This Indiana Pacers photo of Roy Hibbert dunking against Ivan Johnson got more than 1,000 retweets:
  2. The dunk was the talk of the Internet and radio this morning. Roy Hibbert was a trending topic nationally on Twitter. Closer to home, I enjoyed this new mix from @smileyradioshow posted this morning:
  3. During the game, plenty of fans were wowed by Hibbert's play.
  4. Where are all my Roy Hibbert haters tonight? Ha
  5. Many sports bloggers jumped on this dunk as the play of the game:
  6. Best Dunk of Roy Hibbert’s Life Happens on Ivan Johnson’s Face
  7. Hibbert's excellent play otherwise in the game also earned some social-media nods:
  8. Clips of the dunk have been spreading like wildfire: