Manti Te'o passed up for draft

  1. Shocker: The Notre Dame star wasn't picked up in Round 1 of the NFL draft! Funny, considering he's the best-known college player on the scene today - whether for his athletic prowess, or his tabloid-worthy  notoriety in the wake of the "Lennay Kekua" scandal.
  2. (Te'o was smart enough not to be present for the cameras Thursday night -- Geno Smith's humiliation, however, was captured for all to see. )
  3. In the wake of Te'o's snub by the NFL clubs, the linebacker attracted plenty of defenders on social media:
  4. @MikeAndMike Manti Te'o gonna make teams regret not taking him. Go Irish!
  5. No team's fans should be upset if their team drafts Manti Te'o now.. Straight value from here on out. #NFLDraft
  6. How the hell does EJ Manuel get drafted in the first round and Manti Te'o doesn't???
  7. Manti Te'o not going in the first round is not sitting well with me. That kid is a steal at any pick after 25.
  8. Of course, not everyone's a fan of the Fighting Irish star - noting his relatively poor performance at the NFL scounting combine, which may be the major reason most teams paused before drafting him in Round 1.
  9. I'm so tired of hearing Manti Te'o crying about the NFL's outtake on him. You run a 4.8-40 & get played on and off the field!!!
  10. And naturally, plenty of hilarity was posted referring to Te'o's nonexistent dead online girlfriend, and his gullibility whereof. (Will we EVER forget about "Lennay Kekua"?)
  11. Wrong to <3 this? “@THEPROFESSOR_JT: Manti Te'o after not getting picked in the NFL Draft First Round #COMFORT #LOVE”
    Wrong to <3 this? “@THEPROFESSOR_JT: Manti Te'o after not getting picked in the NFL Draft First Round #COMFORT #LOVE”
  12. Manti Te'o says he feels confident he'll be taken in the first round by the Atlantis Unicorns.
  13. If Manti Te'o had a sense if humor he'd have an empty seat next to him for his ex girlfriend tonight. @richeisen #nfldraft
  14. Manti Te'o prefers to be drafted by the Houston Oilers, because his girlfriend is a cheerleader for them.
  15. And I gotta agree with this. Te'o would be RIPE to be punked by a joker this draft weekend!
  16. If you’re Manti Te’o do you trust any call you get telling you you’ve been drafted? #dudeNoReally
  17. But c'mon: How does he NOT get a call? Even if it's only for the publicity and the name recognition he adds to his pro team.
  18. Tonight the Jags are goin to get Geno Smith, and Bears are going to get Manti Te'o. #callingit #nfldraft @nfl
  19. Te'o and other prospects could be snatched up in today's Rounds 2 and 3, which begin at 6:30 p.m. Watch on ESPN, ESPN2, or listen on 107.5-FM or 1070-AM.