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Kendrick Lamar show next to Indy Indians game: A tale of two venues

Did you love the (reportedly awesome) show by the up-and-coming hip-hop artist at White River State Park last night? Maybe not so much, if you were next door at usually family-friendly Victory Field! Do you think the two venues should coordinate their schedules to avoid conflicts in tone, content?


  1. The Star's David Lindquist was among many who found Kendrick Lamar and his labelmates ruled the stage at White River State Park on Thursday night. 
  2. But, after the concert, a reader named Jim who was present at Victory Field wrote to the Star to complain: 
  3. "I just wanted to pass along my disappointment with White River State Park's judgement to have an outdoor concert last night featuring Kendrick Lamar, the same time as an Indians game.  The concert was extremely loud and every single F word and M'fer and other vulgar language could be heard by children as young as 6.  Just walking to our car my children heard approximately 15 F words as clear as if we had the radio up loud in our car.  Whoever is in charge of booking entertainment should be reprimanded at least.  Tons of people were disgusted and upset at having to explain to the kids what was going on.  Was not proud of spending any amount of time downtown Indy last night. I can't believe that a concert like that would be approved in a centralized outdoor venue where like it or not, just by catching a ball game or walking within 10 blocks we were forced to listen to that."    
  4. At least one other Indians fan didn't appreciate the explicit musical vibe drifting their way. 
  5. Not everyone was a critic -- at least at sound check!
  6. Meanwhile, the Indians didn't have as good of a night as Lamar. 
  7. What do you think? Were you out and about Downtown - and did the sounds from the Lamar concert OR the game bother you? 
  8. Funny contrasts

  9. I got a chuckle over the definitely different vibe of social media posts coming out of the ball game vs. the concert!
  10. Over at Victory Field: Awww, ducks!
  11. The wild life across the road was a LITTLE more risque, it seems!
  12. Plenty of good times had by at least MOST

  13. No matter what side of Washington Street you were on though, sounds like I missed a great party! Check out more of the posts from the game and the concert below: