Indy area sounds off on social media about trick-or-treating moves to Friday

It's been dubbed #Hallowgate: Are storms and a risk of severe weather forecast for Thursday worth moving official Halloween hours to Friday? Many adults remember freezing and soaking during their own childhood candy collections. But others stress safety before a hallowed holiday tradition.

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  1. The City of Indianapolis made the call to move trick-or-treating hours to 6-8 p.m. Friday, midway through Wednesday afternoon and after more than a dozen other communities had made the change.
  2. The bad forecast worsened as Wednesday went on. The yellow area indicating severe risk on the map was extended to include all of Indiana.
  3. It's not all bad news for an appropriate holiday ... as long as you don't go outside!
  4. I heard this question in more than one quarter ... 
  5. ... but we have other hallowed fall traditions that fall on Fridays in this state.
  6. Initially, not every community wanted to make the change, and it was a tough call for some. Noblesville waited for most of Wednesday morning till announcing a decision.
  7. But later on Wednesday, with the updated weather forecast in hand, they reversed course. Later, Carmel, Westfield and other holdouts followed suit.
  8. The debate has been raging on Facebook and Twitter for most of the morning.
  9. Oh yes. Some see opportunities in the expanded hours for candy collection!